What is Music From Ireland?

Music from Ireland is the Irish Music Export Initiative funded by the Government through Culture Ireland and run by First Music Contact to showcase Irish music internationally

What does Music From Ireland do exactly?

At each event Music From Ireland will subsidise costs for artists, pay for, prepare & host showcase gigs.?create a promotional CD of new and showcasing artists and actively promote the Irish performances at each event and make sure all delegates are aware of the acts showcasing in the run up to the event through musicfromireland.org

Who funds Music From Ireland?

Music From Ireland is funded by Culture Ireland

How do I qualify for funding?

You must have an official invitation for the events we cover.

Exactly what festivals do Music From Ireland cover?

MFI is funded to cover Eurosonic, SXSW, Canadian Music Week, The Great Escape, Reeperbahn, Mondo NYC, Iceland Airwaves and M for Montreal as we have identified these as key events in those territories.

How do I apply to these festivals?

You apply directly to the event itself

Who picks the bands?

Showcasing acts are selected by the festival organisers in each country. FMC DO NOT select the showcasing acts.

Is there any way I could meet these bookers?

Yes, through funding from Culture Ireland See Here award, the bookers of the 7 events we showcase at are in Ireland every year at the Hard Working Class Heroes showcase

How are bands funded?

Each act is given a certain amount towards the travel expenses of each band member, . After the event we collect all receipts from you, submit them for payment and then pay the grant after the event. FMC are looking into securing funding for managers however this is still in the pipeline.

Do Music From Ireland plan on adding other festivals to their remit?

Funding permitting we are very interested in getting Irish acts more attention at events like Primevera, M for Montreal and many more.

Who funds FMC?

FMC is funded by the Arts Council, An Comhairle Ealionn

What else does FMC do?

Fmc are a free information and advice resource for musicians and the Independent music sector in Ireland, they run approximately 30 one to one consultancies with artists per month. They have created a portal for Irish music at¬†breakingtunes.com, run the Hard Working Class Heroes music festival, run MFI and also organise a number of music trails in Irish city’s every year.

Music From Ireland,
33 Wicklow Street,
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T: +353 1 675 0529 E: info@musicfromireland.org

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