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Poptastic, Hooktastic, Girl/Boy-tastic! Fun-loving, Floor-Filling, Indie-Rock Bubblegum Pop!

Award nominations, heavy radio rotation, glowing press reviews, numerous TV appearances, and a 'must see' live status are just some of the accolades this Irish boy/girl four-piece have achieved since exploding onto the music scene in 2007.

The bands debut single 'Forget Romance Let's Dance!' made a huge impact on its release in November 2007, landing at number 3 in the Irish download charts, with the promo video being one of the most requested on popular Irish music channels.

The single was A-Listed on all the major Irish radio stations, and gained huge exposure on BBC Radio 1 in the UK.

The bands debut album was released on February 1st 2008 in Ireland to critical acclaim.

Upon the release of the second single 'I Fell In Love With You,' the band were invited to play at Liverpool's infamous Cavern Club, where many hailed them as the highlight of the week at the 2008 IPO Festival

. The band also graced the red carpet at Ireland's annual Meteor Music Awards, where they were nominated as "Best Newcomers".

The third single from 'We Should Be Deads' highly acclaimed debut album 'Zero Point Five' was a surefire summer pop hit, and sky-rocketed the bands popularity. 'Zero Point Five' is a blissful, energetic and sassy tale of the ' Girl meets boy, boy is a silly bastard' scenario, that details the not so idealistic one night stand experience, which is all too familiar in modern culture.

We Should Be Dead garnered a highly credible international fanbase when their debut album became a blogosphere phenomenon upon its release. This has led to a massive i-tunes sales increase in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Scandanavia and Australia. The band were also surprised to find themselves as 'featured artists' on the front page of Myspace Brazil.

In August this year, We Should Be Dead headed out on their first US West coast tour where they were blown away by the response to their live shows. Many who hadn't previously heard of the band and many who's tastes lay elsewhere, were enthralled by the bands energetic and thrilling live performances.

As part of the bands US success they are being being championed by one of the biggest DJs in Hollywood, none other than KROQ's Rodney Bingenheimer. The life of Rodney Bingenheimer was potrayed in the movie 'The Mayor Of Sunset Strip'. Bingenheimer was responsible for breaking acts stateside like the B52's, Blondie, The White Stripes, Coldplay, Oasis, No doubt and David Bowie to name but a few. The band were thrilled to be invited for lunch by Bingenheimer on a recent trip to LA where they really hit it off.

The band are currently based in Los Angeles where they are about to begin work on their highly anticipated second album, with legendary Producer and Sorrows front-man Arthur Alexander. The band will be based in The US for all of 2009 with touring and promotional work. The excitement is building....


Soho / 217 E 6th Street / Austin Texas
Friday March 20th / 9PM